Online Digital Instruction Resources

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K-5 Elementary

6-8 Middle School

9-12 High School

You will see each teacher or grade level has created a webpage with online classes and digital instruction resources for students. These resources are self-paced; this means the work doesn’t have a specific due date. Parents and students are encouraged to develop a daily schooltime schedule that works best for the needs of your family. We recommend students work about 3.5 hours per weekday on online coursework; this is about 30 minutes per school subject per day. It is ok to take breaks between subjects, especially to get up and be active. Going outside to exercise or play can help keep you healthy.

Plans are being developed to offer Chromebook loans to families who have internet access but not enough devices in their home. We will let you know when we have that option available.
If your home does not have internet access, do not worry! The teachers have created a packet of schoolwork for students as another option. Work packets are self-paced but designed to last approximately 2 weeks; due to health concerns, the work packets will not be returned to the school upon completion.

Work packets will be mailed.
To request a K-5 work packet, please CALL the Elementary Office on Tuesday or Thursday from 10am – 2pm. You may also EMAIL Elementary Secretary, Taunya Morris, at
To request a 6-12 work packet, please CALL the High School Office on Tuesday or Thursday from 10am – 2pm. You may also EMAIL 6-12 Secretary, Jen Prevost, at
If you have questions about schoolwork options that were not answered, please contact the building principals by email. The email address for the K-5 principal, Kurtis Koenig, is  The email address for the 6-12 principal, Melissa Robbins, is