Reopening Information

Welcome Back!  Please read through the letter below. 
It contains vital information about reopening.  
If you have questions that the letter doesn't answer, please scroll to the bottom to view our FAQ section.  
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will there be recess?

A:  Yes, there will.  Recess will occur outside and be restricted to each classroom cohort.  The recesses may include more than one cohort, but each cohort will be restricted to a specific portion of campus. 


Q:  If we have a quarantine, can students do Acellus even if they are not enrolled Digital Learning from Home?

A:  Absolutely. All students will have an Acellus account.  If we go into quarantine, the students will transition right into full-time Digital Learning from Home until the quarantine is lifted. 


Q:  Will we have packets again if we go into quarantine or closure?

A:  No.  The Acellus program will replace the packets, and it is a much better method of delivery.


Q:  I don’t have internet.  How can I do Digital Learning from Home?

A:  The Acellus program has printable lesson plans that can be delivered to the student. 


Q:  Can I switch my kid into Digital Learning from Home [ or into On Sight Learning ]?

A:  At any time, switching a student into At Home Learning is possible.  That transition is relatively seamless.  However, switching FROM Digital Learning from Home TO On Site Learning can only be done at the quarter breaks.


Q:  Will there be Walk to Read or Walk to Math?

A:  Due to the necessity of our cohorts, we will not be able to offer walk-to-read groups.  Instead, classroom teachers will differentiate instruction within their classrooms.  We have a variety of tools at our disposal which will be integrated into the language arts/reading classes.  They are designed to enrich the learning of students who are more advanced while providing intervention for students who struggle. 


Q:  If I walk my child to and from school, where can I wait for him/her before school is let out?

A:  I am going to designate a specific “Walking Student Pickup” area near the front door of the elementary school.  That will be a safe place, away from the parking lot, where parents can meet their child when school ends.  Please stay tuned as this develops. 


Q:  I want to meet my child’s teacher before school starts.  How can I make this happen?

A:  Unfortunately, we can’t allow anyone in the building other than students and staff.  However, the teachers and I are currently working on devising a plan to open up the lines of communication.  Please know that we are considering this, and we will update you soon. 


Q: What is happening with special classes (band, PE, art, library)? 



Singing and the playing of musical instruments cannot occur in the building.  For choir, Mrs. Heilig will be taking the students outside when the weather permits.  If they are required to be indoors, she will be working with them on musical theory and history within the cohort classroom.  Additionally, instruments that do not require breath (drums, boom sticks etc) can be used.  All materials will be sanitized after use.


Miss Walter will come to each class cohort individually.  Instruction will take place in that classroom and all materials will be sanitized after use.


Mr. Johnson will conduct PE out of doors until weather drives him indoors.  Once indoors, he will have PE in the gym and will focus on activities that are not strenuous.  Examples include stretching, shuffleboard, croquet etc.  Again, all materials used will be sanitized after use. 



Mr. Vial will attend each individual cohort throughout the week and have a cart of books which are age-appropriate for students.  He will also take requests from students for the next week.  Books returning to the library will be sanitized with the UV sanitizer.  While at the special lesson, Mr. Vial will read stories to the children and discus the various themes of the books he reads. 


Ms. Jessop will circulate to each cohort on a weekly basis to provide instruction on citizenship, our Universals, and Kelso’s choices.  Any materials used will be sanitized after the lesson.